The Fight against COVID-19

Our plan is to conduct Disinfectant Spraying via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology to try and delay and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Need For Drone & Robot Disinfection


Who is Project Covid-19?

From Left to Right :


  • Richard Green Harper Adams Head of Engineering Research
  • Jonathan Gill Harper Adams Mechatronics & UAS Researcher 
  • Scott Dowell Pigs Can Fly ( Project Lead )
  • Parmjit Chima Harper Adams Head Of Engineering
  • Simon Cooper Senior Lecturer Specialising in Pesticides Application
  • Andrew Sproson Pigs Can Fly ( Project Lead )
  • Robert Pearson Heroic Vision ( Project Lead )

Learning From China

Since the emergence of Covid-19 in December 2019, China has been at the

forefront of efforts to contain and defeat the virus. They have gained vital &

unique experience in the most effective ways of reducing infection rates. They

now want to support the UK in their fight against Covid-19.

Why Deployment of Drones and Robot Spraying technology?

  • Offers the ability to provide regular disinfection of virus hotspots where there is a high risk of surface transmission.
  • Compared with manual spraying, drone can protect operators from unnecessary exposure to virus and disinfectants.
  • A Single XAG drone in a day can disinfect 600,000-700,000 square metres, a task that would normally take 100 workers to complete.
  • With the ability to precisely control output, a drone consumes one fifth the disinfectant of traditional approaches such as handheld spraying.

What we can offer

We have exclusive access to XAG Drone Technology and we will be the sole providers outside of China. We currently have access to several hundred units with a lead time of 2-4 weeks.

The full support of Harper Adams University which enables us to offer a base of Operations. From here we will be able to offer Training, Testing and Research Data on a large scale. 

We then plan to deploy UAV Disinfectant Spraying teams to combat COVID-19.


We are extremely keen to seek out collaborations from any Organisation, Professional, Subject Matter Experts, Businesses and Governments across the world to support this Project and save lives. 

How to contact us

Do YOU want to be involved??

Pigs Can Fly have approached ARPAS-UK who are  coordinating a National “COVID-19" Drone Capability Taskforce for the drone industry.

Behind the scenes we are working hard to push the capabilities of the drone industry and making sure that Government Departments are reminded of the expertise and capabilities of the Drone community in the UK.  


Direct email to Pigs Can Fly -

Complete the ARPAS online drone operator registration form and we hope to be in touch very soon!

A Summary of the projects benefits