What is our subscription Service?

A Rapidly Evolving Industry

The UAV industry is still in its infancy. Legislation, Interpretation and Technology are changing rapidly. We see similarities to the Personal Computer boom in the mid to late 1990s.

Keeping up-to-date is an essential element to Operating UAVs legally and safely.


The Civil Aviation Authority review 1000s of Operations Manuals annually. The CAA are now proposing charges of approximately £150 per rejection, to Operators who submit incorrect Operations Manuals.

How can we help?

We are ONE of 35 Companies across the U.K Approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to train drone pilots. 

We continuously review legislation and update interpretation in order to teach our students.

We offer a monthly updates which provides alerts to the updated legislation.

We offer interpretation and can seek guidance directly from the CAA on your behalf. Bespoke guidance to you and your usage of Drones.

It is one of your obligations to remain current and update your Operations Manual whenever a change occurs.

When you come to renew your exemption from the CAA, we will have made the necessary updates / changes throughout the year.


Our subscription service fee is £14.99 inc VAT every 4 weeks.

This comes below the cost of your CAA renewal and far below the CAA projected costs of offering Operations Manual advice at £150 per rejection.