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A short overview of our training

CAA Approved Drone Pilot Courses

CAA Approved Drone Pilot Courses

CAA Approved Drone Pilot Courses


Our  Drone Pilot Courses  are approved by the U.K Civil Aviation Authority. You can find us listed on the CAA website on the National Qualified Entity / Recognised Assessment Entity page.

Drone Pilot Courses from £199

CAA Approved Drone Pilot Courses

CAA Approved Drone Pilot Courses


Our  Drone Pilot Courses are currently priced at :

  • £199 A2 CoC Course
  • £550 - GVC Course

We are able to offer such competitive pricing as we are a company with small overheads, allowing us to provide great prices for you.

Buy cheap buy twice??

CAA Approved Drone Pilot Courses

GVC Drone Pilot Course


The U.K Civil Aviation Authority regulates NQEs/RAEs like ourselves and approves the training we offer.

Therefore our training and standards are exactly the same as another NQE / RAE Company providing Drone Pilot training.

So you buy cheap but only once!

GVC Drone Pilot Course

GVC Drone Pilot Course

GVC Drone Pilot Course


The GVC Course is held over 2 days which are quite intensive. 

( Until 01/11/2020 we will be providing PfCO tuition at no extra charge )

Day 1 is all about Drone Legislation and other key learning areas to ensure you can operate both Commercially and most importantly safely.

Day 2 is spent working on your Operations Manual where we offer guidance and assistance to you whilst you prepare this document. Once complete we then practice flight planning and lastly conduct a Practical Flight Assessment. We also test you against the procedures you stated in your Operations Manual.

During the COVID-19 lockdown and distancing, we will be expecting you to learn the Course Documentation we will be sending you. We will cover the key areas via Video Conferencing.

A2 CoC Pilot Course

GVC Drone Pilot Course

A2 CoC Pilot Course

Drone Pilot Course. Drone Course. PfCO course. Manchester

The minimum standard to operate a Drone in the Open Category is to undertake and and pass a written examination.

At the point of purchase, we are supplying you with a PDF manual that covers all key areas that you will be examined on. 

( Our E-Learning platform is currently in production )

Plus this document will act like a Manual of Reference for you, as it covers a lot more that just the basics!

When you are ready to undertake the exam, contact us and we will enrol you onto our online examination platform.

Drone Pilot Process

GVC Drone Pilot Course

A2 CoC Pilot Course


 Come the conclusion of the course and you have been rated as competent we issue you certificates. 

After passing the A2 CoC exam, you will receive a Certificate of Competence from us. You are able to fly as soon as you receive this certificate!

After completing the GVC Course, we finalise your Operations Manual and issue you Certificates of Competence. 

You then complete an application to the CAA for an OPERATIONAL AUTHORISATION. A GVC competence is the minimum requirements to apply for an Operational Authorisation.

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